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What Is Your Story?

Statistics are great for giving you a quick overview of a situation or problem.
But behind every number is a person, with a story about why they act and what they do.
It’s that story that lets you understand people’s actions and behavior.

To understand complicated problems like public health issues, voter feedback or customer preferences, sometimes you need to have more detail than a yes/no question, or a rank out of five. It’s the why that makes the difference between knowing there’s a problem and understanding how to act on it. This is not usually a process that can be done automatically. If you want to show the difference between when someone is angry because they are threatened and angry because they are wronged, it needs a human reader to see the nuance. And computers are not yet subtle enough for this work.

A Deeper Understanding

Qualitative research is based on this kind of deep understanding of people and issues. It’s about listening to peoples’ voices, either through an interview, or a detailed survey. Sometimes a group discussion makes the issue come alive, and focus groups can illustrate the dynamics of many actors. We can also understand an issue by looking at what has already been written about a topic, for example through document analysis of newspaper articles, research findings or government policies.

But to get this depth of understanding requires a lot of time, and a lot of data. Not quantity, but quality (this is where qualitative comes from). Not thousands of short questionnaires, but dozens of detailed stories.

ATHENA-Logo-2015-RecoveredAthena Research Group has been helping companies and people make informed decisions based on the “Qualitative” Market Research we conduct each and every single day! You will be amazed just how much your opinion could affect and change the way businesses provide their products and services.

At ATHENA Research Group we're much more than just a FULL-SERVICE Facility!

We are the voice of the Hispanic population!

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Athena has developed the ability to perform a full range of services. We are the only full-service market research facility in Riverside & San Bernardino Counties!

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Recognized by industry experts as the premiere research facility for marketing to Hispanics. We are the only dedicated full-time qualitative facility located in the nation’s No.4 metro area (Riverside & San Bernardino Counties) for Hispanic population.

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Clients are our Number one priority and that is why we take special care of you long before you ever arrive to our facility. We have several package options for you to choose from including discounts on your stay, travel and even some amazing foodie options!

Whats Is Your Story?

Behind every number is a person, with a story about why they act and what they do.
 It’s that story that lets you understand people’s actions and behavior. We believe that hearing your story will help our companies change the world!

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Athena was built from the ground up for one purpose – research. Taking over 20 years of industry experience our team has designed a facility that will provide the services and experience you are looking for.

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We will identify your target customer, determine what they want or need, and ensure that your business moves forward with confidence.  Contact Athena today so we can get started.

Forbes January 2015, “Latinos flock to Riverside and San Bernardino Counties”

Median Household Income


2000-2013 Hispanic Population Gain


Latino Home Ownership

ATHENA’s Boosted Client Sales By 50%

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We work hard to provide you and your company with “The Fastest Results Delivered On-Time Guarantee”! Our goal is to give you on-time results you can use when you need them… Not after your deadline! Our online “Client Portal” will help you create an account and download your deliverables in a jiffy!

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If you have been in the biz for a long time or just a little while you will see the difference between ATHENA Research Group and those other “Cookie-Cutter Guy’s”… We surely take the time to get to know our clients this way we are able to share you more to be a friendly face each and every time you come back! (But It’s Totally Worth It! :’)

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Our Research Facility is Second-to-None! We really do take pride in providing High Quality Service but we also enjoy seeing our clients comfortable and happy! We have a fully stocked Client Lounge, a private waiting/ resting area and you can even step outside and enjoy our private pond!

  • Hispanics Population 95%
  • Politics & Campaigns 66%
  • Health Care & Medical Devices 70%
  • Pharmaceuticals & Consumer Goods 83%
  • Insurance / Finance / Banking 56%

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ATHENA-Favicon-2015You will find us in lovely Downtown Riverside across the street from Riverside Art Museum among beautiful fountains and koi ponds. A leisurely stroll from your hotel will transport you easily within 5 minutes. If traveling in true So-Cal-style, by car, then take Mission Inn Exit off 91 Freeway South, or University Ave. Exit if traveling North. We are located at 3600 Lime Street, Suite #513 (on the ground floor building 5). You are welcome anytime without appointment for a tour of our World’s Best facility. See What There Is To Do In Downtown Riverside?

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