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January 14, 2020 By Athena

This solenoid holds the pilot valve open and allows the pilot gas to flow. If the pilot solenoid inside the valve goes bad the pilot flame will fail. Sometimes the gas pilot light on the kitchen range, water heater, furnace or boiler goes out. We it lights it is like a flash of flame and then it goes out, which is telling me there just is not enough propane coming through which is why I was thinking it might be the regulator outside or the shut off valve inside. I imagine it gets blowing enough and it backdrafts through the exhaust pipe. After several people complained to the builder (houses are still under the one year warranty) they have attempted to resolve the problem by lengthening the rooftop exhaust (B-vent I think they call it). They said that high winds swirling around the roof near the exhaust was causing the problem. I hope you get your problem sloved and everything works good for you. When lighting it while holding the button do you have a good flame as I described?

Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light Program NEW - Inner Pilot Light around the roof

If it does not light immediately, let up on the starter button and wait two to three minutes to let the gas clear out. Locate the starter button near the pilot light. If you still can’t get the pilot flame to stay lit without the button depressed, there’s likely something wrong with your thermocouple. If you can’t get hot water it may be because the pilot flame has gone out and thus there is no way for the main burner to be relit. There may be problems with the gas valve. Do evacuate everyone as quickly as possible if you smell gas. If you only saw one spark, it’s possible the ignitor is bad. Nothing, at first I saw the spark, but when I hit it, I see nothing? So, it looks like I should look into first doing some cleaning of air slots and sanding of that rod and then look into replacing some parts of the pilot light system. There is also a thermal sensor which looks like a very small rod (maybe 1 inch in length) that the flame from the pilot contacts when it burns. A small peice of sand paper may be all that is needed to clean it.

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When the pilot flame hits the thermocouple it creates an electrical current that energizes a small solenoid inside the gas valve. In response to sanding the rod on a thermocouple,c’mon.You need a tech in to check the millivolt readings on your thermocouple as well as a drop out time on your gas valve.Your problem is either a lazy flame ;a weak thermocouple;a weak gas valve solenoid or even a cracked heat x-changer.Downdraft hardly ever. I live in a new development and many other houses had the same problem. If after several attempts and the pilot flame fails to stay lit it is time to call an HVAC technician to troubleshoot the problem and repair it. You light the gas escaping from the tube, and it burns all the time. This is important because it gives the gas time to dissipate, which is necessary to avoid possibly starting a fire. 3 times this winter I have had to relight the pilot light on our gas furnace, never happened before.

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So, if you see the word “pilot” written on the knob, you know that you have a “standing” or “always on” pilot light. It is important that you continue to hold the control know down for an additional 20 seconds for the pilot light to establish itself. Continue holding down the gas valve or control button for 1 minute after the pilot light has been lit. Hold the button down and light the pilot with a long lighter. Feel around until you find the retention clips that hold the panel in place. —Your life will feel magical in ways that are likely to leave you feeling awe, wonder, and gratitude. Had to turn it off to flea bomb the house but for the life of me, can’t actually find the pilot light to re-light! Not only does this leave your household in an uncomfortable situation, it also adds more stress to your busy life.

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